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Free Covid tests

COVID-19 Tests available for FREE

(All locations will have tests by the end of January 2024 while supplies last)

Tests distributed by NCDHD that have an expiration date of 2/28/24 have been extended and now expire 2/29/25!! You can check expiration dates here 

  • Ainsworth- Ainsworth Community/Senior Center and the Veteran's Service Office

  • Atkinson- Atkinson Senior Center

  • Bassett- Rock County Senior Center

  • Bloomfield- Bloomfield City Office

  • Butte- Butte City Office

  • Center- Emergency Manager's office at the Courthouse

  • Chambers- Chambers City Office and Grocery Store

  • Cody- Husker Hub

  • Crofton- Golden Age Senior Center

  • Elgin- Elgin Community Center/Senior Center

  • Ewing- Ewing City Office

  • Long Pine- Long Pine City Office

  • Neligh- Neligh Community Center and the Veteran's Service Office

  • Niobrara- Niobrara City Office

  • Oakdale- Oakdale City Office

  • O'Neill- NCDHD, CNCAP, O'Neill Chamber of Commerce Office and the Veteran's Service Office

  • Orchard- Orchard City Office

  • Osmond- Osmond City Office

  • Plainview- Plainview Senior Center

  • Pierce- Pierce Senior Center

  • Santee- Santee Clinic

  • Spencer- Boyd County Senior Center

  • Springview- Keya Paha Activity Center

  • Stuart- Stuart City Office

  • Valentine- Valentine Senior Center and the Veteran's Service Office

  • Woodlake- Woodlake City Office

NCDHD offer's all COVID-19 vaccines and boosters approved by the FDA.

Visit our Event Calendar for a clinic time near you!

All NCDHD clinics are open to the public and no appointment is needed.

Don't forget to bring your vaccination card, insurance card, and a completed consent form (listed below) to clinic.

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