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Meet The Team

To report a public health emergency, risk, problem or environmental/occupational public health hazard 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, call our Executive Director at 402-336-2406 or our Emergency Line: 402-961-1718

For environmental health or communicable disease reporting during business hours, please notify our Disease Surveillance Coordinator.

In case of emergency, ALWAYS dial 911.

Executive Director

Heidi Kuklis, MPH

Heidi joined NCDHD as the health director in the Spring of 2023. She previously worked for the department from 2016-2021 as the Emergency Response Coordinator.  Within her role, she leads the team to create healthier and happier communities.


Heidi graduated from the University of Nebraska Kearney with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.  She continued her studies at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to achieve a master's degree in public health administration and policy

Vaccine Coordinator

Jennifer Booker RN, BSN

Jennifer is a public health nurse who manages NCDHD's vaccines. She coordinates the vaccine schedules and also plans individual vaccines in our NCDHD office. If you have any questions about vaccines NCDHD offers, visit our immunization page!

Environmental and Wellness Coordinator

Amy Latzel

Amy is the Wellness and Environmental Coordinator for NCDHD. She oversees the WIIN Grant, Radon, Fit Testing in LTC/ALF, Mosquito/Tick Trapping, Badge Printing and the Wellness Program as well as HRSA/CATCH program.

Emergency Response Coordinator

Danielle Roessler

Danielle is the Emergency Response Coordinator for NCDHD. She has many years of experience with working in critical, time sensitive situations. She is the liaison between NCDHD and all area partners focusing on emergency preparedness along with responding to the emergencies our communities may face. Danielle graduated from Kansas State University. She has been employed with NCDHD since 2022.

Health Educator

Claire Morrow

Claire is an essential part of the daily functions for NCDHD. When she’s not studying, she’s helping out NCDHD with a variety of items such as radon, West Nile, and the vaccine program. She has also helped out with keeping the COVID-19 dashboard up to date, creating and updating our media platforms, assisting with the PPE distribution. Claire has been employed with NCDHD since 2020.

Office Manager

Charissa Sladek

Charissa is the NCDHD Office Administrator. She is the backbone that keeps NCDHD running smoothly. She oversees all of the day-to-day business-related activities in the office. From organization of the NCDHD business to the smile on her face when greeting our community members, her personal relations experience is seen daily. Charissa graduated from UNK. She has been employed with NCDHD since 2022.

Public Health Nurse

Carolyn Gottsch, RN

Carolyn is a public health nurse at NCDHD. She works close with our immunization clinics and has helped with contact tracing. She has been employed at NCDHD since 2020.

Program Assistant

Nancy Turpin

Nancy is the Program Assistant at NCDHD.  She is support to staff and their programs and helps out where needed. Nancy joined the NCDHD in May 2023.

Disease Surveillance Coordinator

Elizabeth Parks RN, BSN

Elizabeth is a public health nurse who manages the epidemiology and lead departments at NCDHD. With her role, she investigates all communicable diseases and provide outreach on an individual and community level on mitigation, prevention, and control. Elizabeth graduated with a BSN from the University of Nebraska Medical Center-Lincoln Campus. She has been employed with NCDHD since 2014.

Program Reporting Manager

Whitney Abbott

Whitney is the Program Reporting Coordinator for NCDHD. Within her time at NCDHD, she has been a substance abuse prevention manager, accreditation coordinator, and CHA/CHIP coordinator. She works with non-profit organizations and county coalitions to encourage communities to make healthy lifestyle choices. Whitney graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree. She has been employed with NCDHD since 2015.

Community Impact Coordinator

Kirsa Sommersted

Kirsa is the Community Impact Coordinator for NCDHD. Within this role, she works on helping patients and their families navigate community services, adopting healthy behaviors, while also addressing social determinates of health, and cultural and/or language barriers. Kirsa graduated from Colorado State University and went on to receive a master’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Northern Colorado. She joined NCDHD in June of 2023.

Miles of Smiles Coordinator

Mindy Spencer

Mindy is the dental coordinator for the Miles of Smiles program. Her duties include scheduling and attending dental clinics with our district’s elementary schools, completing all paperwork at clinics, data entry, and ordering supplies. Mindy graduated from CCC in 2009 with a degree in Dental Assisting. She has been employed with NCDHD since July 2023.

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Kelli Dempster

Kelli is the Substance Abuse Coordinator at NCDHD. Kelli's work focuses on creating happy, healthy people to ensure our communities work together to flourish. She will also be working with our area coalitions, on a substance abuse work plan, and community partnerships. She has been employed with NCDHD since 2022.

Billing Administrator

Kari Moeller

Kari is the NCDHD Billing Administrator. She works closely with our immunization clinic staff and clients. Kari works remote and has been employed with NCDHD since 2022.

HeartCorps Health Educator

TyLinn Dodd

TyLinn is a member of the HeartCorps Program through American Heart Assocation. She will be assisting NCDHD in encouraging people within our communities to monitor their own blood pressure by teaching them what heart health truly is, how to use health resources, and why it is important to be responsible for your well-being.

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