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Discover How Automated External Defibrillators Can Save Lives!

Every year, many people die suddenly from heart problems, catching everyone off guard. But having the right stuff and know-how can make the difference between life and death. One of these life-saving tools is called an AED, short for Automated External Defibrillator. It's like a superhero gadget in real life, ready to jump into action when someone's heart suddenly stops.

Verdigre Rescue is getting ahead of the game by showing folks how to be ready for heart emergencies. At the upcoming Healthy Living Expo, they're going all out to explain why AEDs are so important.

During the expo, you can not only learn about AEDs but also try them out yourself. Verdigre Rescue will show you exactly what to do with the device and even make it fun to learn.

Don't be caught off guard when someone needs help. Come hang out with us at the Healthy Living Expo and get the skills you need to save lives. Get ready to learn life-saving stuff at the Expo! Verdigre Rescue will teach you about Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and let you practice using them. They'll make sure you have fun while learning why knowing how to use an AED is so important. Don't miss this chance to learn useful skills!

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