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Empower Yourself with Knowledge at the Healthy Living Expo!

Greetings, health enthusiasts!

Exciting opportunities await you at the Healthy Living Expo, where Bright Horizons, an esteemed advocacy group dedicated to supporting individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence, will be in attendance.

Misty and Joan, passionate advocates from Bright Horizons, are thrilled to engage with attendees and offer valuable insights, support, and educational resources on critical topics such as domestic violence, bullying, substance abuse, and more.

At the expo, Bright Horizons will provide engaging "Bite-Size" learning sessions, designed to deliver essential information in a concise and accessible format. Whether you're seeking guidance, support, or simply wish to expand your knowledge on these important issues, Misty and Joan are here to help.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge and gain valuable insights from dedicated advocates who are committed to promoting safety, well-being, and resilience within our communities.

Join us at the Healthy Living Expo and connect with Misty and Joan to learn, grow, and take proactive steps towards creating a safer and healthier environment for all.

For event details and registration, visit our website at

Let's come together to make a positive difference in our communities!

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