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Get Ready to Smile Big at the Healthy Living Expo!

Hey there, folks!

We've got some exciting news to share with you! Meet Mindy, our fantastic Miles of Smiles coordinator. She's bringing a super fun teeth-brushing activity to the Healthy Living Expo for kids ages 6-18!

Join us at the Expo to put your brushing skills to the test and learn some awesome tips for maintaining a healthy smile. Plus, guess what? You'll walk away with a free toothbrush and cup to keep your pearly whites shining bright!

Miles of Smiles isn't just about brushing teeth; it's about promoting good dental habits and ensuring everyone in our community has access to quality oral health resources. Mindy will be there to answer all your dental-related questions and share valuable insights to help you achieve your best smile yet.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to have fun, learn, and score some cool goodies along the way!

Ready to join in on the fun? Head over to to learn more and secure your spot at the Expo.

We can't wait to see your bright smiles there!

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