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Meet Jennifer: Our Vaccine Superstar!

Let's give a warm welcome to Jennifer, our resident vaccine expert here at the North Central District Health Department! Jennifer is passionate about ensuring everyone in our district is informed about the importance of vaccines and has easy access to them when needed.

As our go-to vaccine guru, Jennifer not only administers shots for people of all ages but also provides valuable guidance for those who may have questions or concerns about vaccines for themselves or their children. With her wealth of knowledge, she can even help you check your vaccination history to ensure you're up to date.

But that's not all – Jennifer has a fun and interactive game that she uses to educate and engage visitors about the significance of vaccines. It's a fantastic way to learn while having a blast!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet Jennifer, get vaccinated, and learn more about how vaccines protect you and your loved ones. Stay healthy and have fun with Jennifer at our upcoming clinics and events!

For more information and to register for the event, hop over to our website at See you there!

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