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Pressure Perfect: How to get an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

Factors that can affect your B/P Reading:

  • Talking during the reading

  • Crossing your legs

  • Having a full bladder

  • Moving, flexing, or tensing your arm

  • Having the wrong cuff size

What you should do:

  • Give yourself 5 minutes of still and silence before taking your blood pressure.

  • Keep your arm on a flat, solid surface, at heart level, with your palm facing up.

  • Place the cuff secure on your bicep (upper arm).

  • Align the cuff with your main artery right above your elbow crease.

  • Sit upright, back straight, feet flat on floor.

  • Hold still until the reading is done.



  • DO NOT consume caffeine, smoke tobacco, or do any vigorous exercise before your BP check

  • Keep a Blood pressure log for every time you check your BP.

  • Make sure you have the appropriate cuff size for your arm.


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