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Shield Your Child from Lead Dangers: Free Health Tests at the Healthy Living Expo

Did you know that lead poisoning in children can cause learning and behavior problems? Keeping your child healthy is so important, and catching issues early can make a big difference. That's why Nebraska Methodist College is excited to be part of the Healthy Living Expo, where we're offering free lead and hemoglobin tests for kids under 6 who qualify.

Lead exposure can harm your child's development without you even knowing. It can come from old paint, dirt, and even some toys. Learning how to prevent lead poisoning is key to making sure your child grows up healthy and strong.

Visit our booth at the Expo to get useful tips on keeping your family safe from lead exposure. Our friendly team will be there to answer your questions and help with the tests. This is a great chance to take action for your child's health in a fun and helpful setting.

Don't miss out! Come see Nebraska Methodist College at the Expo from 1 pm to 5 pm. We're committed to helping you keep your child healthy and ready to help you get started. See you at the Expo!

For more details, visit the Healthy Living Expo.


Guidelines for determining eligibility/need for lead testing. If you answer ‘yes’ or ‘don't know’ to any of the following questions below: 


·         all children enrolled in Medicaid at 12 and 24 months 

·         Children 6 years and under with the following risk factors

o    live in a high-risk zip code - page 14 of this document

o    Live in or frequently visit a house built before 1978

o    sibling or playmate with elevated blood lead level

o    Child lives with an adult with a job or hobby that involves exposure to lead?

§     Ammunition production, firing ranges, casting bullets • Making stained glass, pottery and glazing, auto repair

§     Metal manufacturing and foundries, welding, battery recycling Examples

§     Building repair, renovation, and painting

o        Child's family use products from other counties that may contain lead (i.e traditional medicines, cosmetics, spices, or glazed pottery)

o        Child is a refugee, migrant, immigrant, foreign adoptee, or in foster care


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