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Request for Letters of Interest for Design-Build Services for: North Central Public Health Department (“NCDHD”), for remodel the main floor of current building

Updated: May 22

North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) is soliciting Letters of Interest from qualified Design-Build firms to provide services for the remodel construction on the main floor of the NCDHD building located in O’Neill, Nebraska. The project must be complete and billed to the department by Dec. 31st, 2024.

Currently, the main floor covers approximately 6,200 square feet of office space. The front 3,600 square feet is predominantly open space. The remaining rear office space is currently comprised of a conference room, two offices, two storage closets, two bathrooms, and an open staging area. Onsite review of the property is available by appointment.

The remodel scope entails integrating up to 3 private clinical rooms, a clinic prep space, up to 9 semi-private to private workspaces, a waiting area, and an office resource area. At least two bathrooms will be remodeled to function as handicap-compliant public restrooms; a shower and laundry will also be integrated within the building. The main floor will continue to include a conference room, a staff wellness and break space, and storage.

Questions on this design-build project are requested by June 7th, 2024.

Letters of Interest should be submitted via confirmed delivery method showing proof of delivery either through traditional delivery systems or via electronic email submission no later than June 17th, 2024. Please submit the Letter of Interest to: North Central District Health Department, Attn: Heidi, PO Box 191, O’Neill, NE 68763 or email to


In alignment with the Nebraska Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act Neb. Rev. Stat. §13-2902, submittal requirements include:

  1. Design-Builder Firm Information:

    1. Firm name, address, phone and email

    2. Name of primary point of contact

    3. Proof of bonding capacity and insurance coverage

  2. Design-Builder’s Subconsultant(s) Firm Information (If the Design-Builder is a contractor, then list the architectural-engineering team. If the Design-Builder is an Architect or Engineer, then list the General Contractor):

    1. Firm names, addresses, phone, fax and email addresses

    2. Name of primary point of contact

    3. Proof of liability insurance

  3. Design-Builder Team and Experience

    1. Resume of key team members (Project manager, project superintendent, design architect or engineer)

      1. Name and title

      2. Role in project

      3. Education

      4. Professional registration

      5. Years of experience

    2. List of 3 relevant projects on which the Design-Builder provided design and/or construction services like those requested in this RFP. Provide project scope, budget, year completed and form of project delivery (Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, or Construction Management at Risk). Provide graphics or photos if available. Also, list client references for each of the 3 projects (organization, contact name, address, phone and email)

    3. If the Design-Builder subcontracts for design or construction services, list 3 relevant projects of the designer or contractor and information requested in paragraph above.

  4. Design-Builder’s Approach

    1. Briefly describe the Design-Builder’s approach in working with NCDHD to design and build the proposed project.


Questions pertaining to the submission of the Letter of Interest, tours of current space, or project-specific information may be directed to: Heidi Kuklis, Executive Director, North Central District Health Department, PO Box 191 O’Neill, Ne 68763; Phone: 402-336-2406; Email:


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