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Sleep Tight, Heart Right: Sleep's Influence on Weight and Their Effects on Heart Health

A goodnights sleep is important for helping your body to recharge and repair!

  • Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

  • Your body has been working non-stop since you woke up!

  • It needs proper rest to help regulate all your internal functions like lowering your blood pressure!!

Take a look at the way that you... Do you eat out of habit? Boredom? Stress? or Real Hunger?

  • Identifying eating patterns can help you work toward the changes you want to make.

  • Make sure you are setting realistic weight goals using your BMI as a guide (not necessarily a goal.)

  • Food may be fuel for the body, but too much of the wrong kind can gum-up your system and start to through you off.


  • Set alarms to go to bed as well as to wake up.

  • Cut back on the late-night snacking.

    • Staying up late to eat makes more work for your body and less recharge time.

  • Keep a food journal to start monitoring you're eating habits and the nutritional value of your meals.

For more information on heart healthy actions go to this link on Life’s Essential 8:

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