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Under Pressure: The Consequences of High Blood Pressure

Damage done from high blood most often occurs over time.

-          If left unmanaged, it can lead to:

-          Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Disease/Failure, Vision Loss and Sexual Disfunction (just to name a few)


The effects on your health go in a circle.

-          Your blood pressure can affect and be affected by all areas of your health.

-          Health Behaviors are the physical acts (things you do) that affect your heart status and health factors.

- Eating Habits, Level of Physical Activity, Smoking, Sleep Habits

-          Health Factors are the internal functions that make up your health status.

- Blood Sugar, Weigh, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure



-          Talk with your doctor about your health history to figure out potential health risks.

-          Eat a well-balanced diet and lower your salt intake.

-          Try to manage your stress in healthier ways.

- exercise, music, taking time away from stressful situations.


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