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Unlocking Heart Health: Embrace February, American Heart Month!

American Heart Association has been a fearless advocate for promoting cardiovascular health awareness since 1924.

But did you know, February wasn’t officially declared until 1964?  

After 40 years and the presidency of Lyndon B Johnson, America has promoted the awareness and prevention of heart disease every February since!

NCDHD is proud to work with AHA to providing heart health education and resources throughout north central Nebraska!!

Ways to be a Supporter this Heart Month:

Educate yourself about heart disease!

  • Nearly 50% of Americans 40yrs and older have hypertension (high blood pressure.)

  • Wear Red Day! 

  • The first Friday of American Heart Month wear red to support the millions of women who lose their lives to Cardiovascular Disease each year. (Feb. 2nd, 2024)

  • Watch for community events!

  • We will be offering FREE Blood Pressure checks to the community.  

  • There is one on Feb. 14th at the ONeill Public Library! 1pm - 4pm

  • Follow us on social media!

  • NCDHD will be posting heart-healthy recipes and facts weekly on our website, Facebook, and Instagram!

For More Heart Health Information Visit:

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